Included in our analysis of Dwell magazine is a taxonomy of various layouts and typographic content, a comparison and contrast of print and online presence, and an analysis of the grid structure of various sections of the print and online versions of Dwell.  While our group all worked together on the covers, overview, compare + contrast, and unity through style spreads, my specific contribution was the grid analysis spread.  For this spread, I studied Dwell's grid in a few different issues and online articles then translated it into a system that could be laid out and communicated in the designated spread.
Before we designed Dwell magazine, we had to analyze Dwell magazine.  I began by scanning pages of the magazine and pulling them into InDesign to use a trial and error process of overlaying grid systems on the pages and seeing if they fit.  For the taxonomy, we collaborated on documents to write down every typeface, every size, and every color and where they were used.  Eventually, this also moved into InDesign where we began with a complex chart and then was handed over to Ryan for refinement and simplification.
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