Whereabot strives to assist its users in efficiently and purposefully navigating the library.  Whereabot is an artificial intelligence system that has been crafted in a playful and friendly way so as not to intimidate the user.  The brand is built around being refreshing, simple, and approachable.  Elements of the brand those seen below as well as duotone photos, lowercase letters and flat vector design.
Whereabot manifests itself as a mobile application that acts as the user's personal assistant for navigating the library.  Whereabot greets the user upon opening and from there the user can choose to either have a conversation with Whereabot or reflect on past favorite spaces in the library.  Regardless of the path chosen, the user will always be lead to a map of the library that display's Whereabot's picks as well as the knowledge and characteristics of each space. 
Whereabot is largely about the brand, but Ali and I also spent a lot of time researching artificial intelligence and planning out conversations and task flows based on the interaction between Whereabot and the user.  My favorite aspect of this project is that it combines such a playful and vibrant tone with artificial intelligence, which is often seen as robotic and dry.
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