Adventurous.  Energetic.  Refined.  Dynamic.  Trusted.  
Aviaid has a very specific look and feel.  I wanted the app to feel refined and trustworthy since it does have to do with a level of dependence and honestly between birdwatchers and bird research organizations, but I also wanted it mimic the adventure and curiosity that goes along with the activity of birdwatching.
See it in context
With Aviaid, birdwatchers can search for open projects, get access to requests straight from bird research organizations, and join teams in a collaborative effort to provide those organizations with content.
Birdwatchers can upload their own collected media to Aviaid, where it will go into the hands of the corresponding research organization.  The user may also see his/her impact on a larger scale in terms of the data they've contributed to the cause as a whole.  Data visualization is one of the key aspects of Aviaid as it allows the user to see his/her contribution in relation to the bigger picture, which acts as huge source of motivation.
You can download the full process PDF here.
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